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Best Time to Visit Bhutan

Best Time to Visit Bhutan

Do you know what is unique about Bhutan? Its quintessential culture, spirit, enthusiasm, economy. All of it, is ubiquitous in Bhutan. This unique country has been identified as one of the ten biodiversity hotspots in the world. It boasts of the most exotic species of birds, flowers and plants in the Himalayas, with it being rich in wildlife too.

Trekking is one of the main attractions for the people visiting. The ideal time for trekkers is from September to November, when everything appears pristine with the high mountain peaks and the clear blue sky, something that cannot be missed and should not be missed. Though an umbrella is always a must-carry while in Bhutan, as the rain God is very generous to this part of the world. The best time for serious bird watchers and for white water rafting is the winter, where the days are pleasant and the nights are cold, so one definitely needs to pack warm clothing.

The beautiful snow-peaked mountains beckon you to the higher regions and of course at times to Thimphu too. Though there are times, when the roads are closed due to heaven snow. The most favorite months to visit Bhutan for touring and trekking are March to May. The prettiest of flowers like the rhododendrons, magnolias, and other wild flowers are at its full bloom. The most popular time though in Thimphu is during the dance festival called the Thimpu tsechu, which is held in autumns, and there is one which is held in Paro which is held in spring. These bright festivals give you an insight into the colorful lives and culture of the Bhutanese. One of the festivals in Bhutan is a must do. Cultural events are given special importance by the government and the people of Bhutan.

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